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Feathers for Whanau Ora
— some thoughts on family violence and community well-being

The paper reflects on family violence and the critical role that citizens, families, neighbours and friends play in creating community well-being. 
I would argue that when it comes to “community”, we have also slowly been losing our abilities to fly. Today, we live largely in a market and consumer culture which is a predator to our citizenship, and it delivers its own forgetting.

We Are Not Broke
— internet and Facebook posters (2013)

What's Broken is the We
— some thoughts on creativity for the common good (2013)

The paper reflects on creativity and social entrepreneurship, and the work of Community Taranaki – a citizen-based approach to community development and the regeneration of our community sector.  
Getting smarter about the process of creativity is fundamentally important to building the resilience of and regenerating our communities. In world that is telling us that “it’s just business” and we are on our own, that it’s every man or woman for themselves ... we need to unleash and sustain the creativity of “We”.

How Communities Heal — Stories of Social Innovation and Social Change (2012) 
by vivian Hutchinson and the New Zealand Social Entrepreneur Fellowship
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Parihaka — a photographic survey 1981 
(2013 Digital Restoration)

digital restoration of slide-show documentary (30 mins) of the history of Parihaka with script and narration by vivian Hutchinson and Matarena Marjorei Rau.  

An inspiring story of the Parihaka prophets Te Whiti o Rongomai and Tohu Kakahi and their struggle for peace and non-violence in the face of war, oppressive colonisation and the theft of land. 

(This 2013 digital restoration was commissioned by Kuia Matarena's family to commemorate the 100th anniversary of her birth in 1913.) 

 available on Youtube

1975 Maori Land March 
(a web documentary)

This resource is a collection that brings together photographs, video clips, poetry, newspaper articles and brochures relating to the Matakite Maori Land March. It has been curated to give you a sense of what it was like to be on this unique month-long journey of protest and awakening as it travelled from Te Hapua on the tip of Northland, to Parliament Grounds in Wellington. 

photographs by Christian Heinegg
newspaper articles from City News & brochures by vivian Hutchinson
poems by Hone Tuwhare 
newspaper articles from New Zealand Herald by Stephanie Gray 
various other newspaper clippings and photographs
video clips from documentaries about Whina Cooper and the Land March

Information for the Common Good
— some thoughts on creating community media platforms (2012)

Wimmera VolunteerFest
— some thoughts on volunteering and active citizenship (2012)

It's Going to Take Community
— some thoughts on the regeneration of an essential sector 
( Wellington 2012 )

Occupy Our Citizenship
— some thoughts on the regeneration of the community sector (2012)

"Driven to Make a Change" by Virginia Winder
profile of vivian Hutchinson in the Taranaki Daily News 28 February 2012

It's Going To Take Community

— some thoughts on economics as if people and the earth mattered 
( Waitakere 2011)

As If People and the Earth Mattered
— some thoughts on community economic development ( Waitakere 2010)