community activist
social entrepreneur
speaker, writer, 
learner and gatherer



vivian Hutchinson supports projects and activities that have the potential to make a fundamental difference to New Zealand’s social, economic and environmental challenges.
vivian has been one of the pioneers in community-based action for jobs in New Zealand, especially in establishing programmes for the support and education of unemployed people.
He has also worked to foster social innovation in New Zealand with the establishment of the New Zealand Social Entrepreneur Fellowship.
He is a co-founder of the Heart Politics Gatherings, the Stewardship Learning Community and Community Taranaki.
He lives in Taranaki.


What's Broken is the We
— some thoughts on creativity for the common good (2013)

Parihaka — a photographic survey 1981
(2013 Digital Restoration)

Information for the Common Good
— some thoughts on creating community media platforms (2012)

Wimmera VolunteerFest
— some thoughts on volunteering and active citizenship (2012)

It's Going to Take Community
— some thoughts on the regeneration of an essential sector
( Wellington 2012 )

How Communities Heal — Stories of Social Innovation and Social Change (2012) by vivian Hutchinson and the New Zealand Social Entrepreneur Fellowship
— project homepage all chapters are freely available 
— buy the hard-covered book edition
— buy the iPad, Epub, and Kindle editions

Occupy Our Citizenship
— some thoughts on the regeneration of the community sector (2012)

"Driven to Make a Change" by Virginia Winder
Taranaki Daily News 28 February 2012

It's Going To Take Community

— some thoughts on economics as if people and the earth mattered
( Waitakere 2011)

Social Entrepreneur Fellowship Retreat 2010
— interview on Radio New Zealand Ideas Programme with Chris Laidlaw (2010)
listen to this programme        download mp3

As If People and the Earth Mattered
— some thoughts on community economic development (2010)

Social Innovation Dialogue
— workshop handouts

A Generous Difference
— some thoughts on philanthropy and social innovation (2009)

Measuring the Maybe
— some thoughts on evaluation and social innovation (2008)

Skoll World Forum on Social Entrepreneurship
(Oxford 2007)       blog      paper

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